Big improvements for shoppers and hubs

This week has been rather an exceptional week in many ways. Amidst the chaos and uncertainty we’ve seen Food Hubs across the country really step up – delivering food for those self-isolating, coordinating supply chain shifts, getting meals to folks that need them. The stories from you all are endlessly inspiring.

Alongside this we’ve seen a record number of new enterprises – food hubs and food producers – join the platform. Many of these are working around the clock to be operational in a matter of days.

It has been truly heartwarming to watch communities come together through these difficult times.

Behind the scenes Open Food Network have been working tirelessly to ensure that the record sales you’ve all experienced (five fold increase) are seamless, your reports download with error and any glitches are resolved fast.

On top of this we’re committed to our regular releases, ensuring the big improvements we’ve been working on for months go live on schedule.

Our latest software release is out today, it includes some design changes that make shopping a much more pleasant experience – particularly on mobiles – but the changes will be across both mobile and desktop. 

1. The ‘Ready for’ dropdown menu on shopfronts is now much more obvious, which is wonderful news if you’re running multiple order cycles at the same time.

2. While people are shopping it will now be much clearer which order cycle a customer has selected (see right) 

As well as the changes to shopping experience we’ve made a few tweaks to the admin screens

3. We have updated the invoices template so that it now displays the customer’s shipping address as well as billing address – lots of you have been asking for this, so we’re very happy it made it into this release! 

4. We have also made a small change to how you add product variants. This should now be easier and clearer!

More information available here.

Our upcoming releases will continue to roll out more mobile improvements in the coming weeks. We’ll also be continuing to make performance improvements to make sure we can meet this increased demand long term.

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