Changes to the way card payments are made

You may be aware that legislative changes have arrived that change the way shoppers make card purchases online. The changes are known as Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). These changes have been implemented to protect customers from fraud when making card payments online.

OFN and Stripe have worked to make these changes as seamless as possible for you and your shoppers. From the perspective of the enterprise or food hub you should notice no changes. From the perspective of your shoppers, occasionally they might be asked to input some additional security information on checkout. The page they see will look familiar and will come directly from their bank.

To implement these changes, the OFN team have worked hard to complete a new integrated payment method that meets the new legislation. Behind the scenes the OFN team will be updating your existing Stripe payment method throughout the rest of March.

The change has been thoroughly tested and have been rolled out to some UK and international users already so we don’t expect you’ll notice any changes. If you do notice anything unusual regarding Stripe payments during this time please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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