Learning as a Community

Announcing OFNs free group coaching programme for food hubs.

The OFN community is rich with experience in creating values-driven food systems. OFN members work with local authorities to deliver on strategic health outcomes. They coordinate with local food banks to enable fresh produce to be supplied at no cost. They help run cooking classes to help people cook affordable, nutritious food. They run successful food businesses across the country! We think this knowledge is an absolutely gold mine that needs to be shared.

Within the OFN community we use a number of tools to help food producers and people running food hubs to connect and share ideas. Our Facebook group has over 50 local food experts as members. Our community forum host questions and answers involving everyone in the community, from people just starting out to some of our oldest members. While these tools are great it’s not always easy to post perfectly formed questions into forums when you are stuck on a problem. Sometimes the problem just feels like it’s “the whole system”. Sometimes the problem is an interpersonal one with someone in the team and needs a more delicate approach. Sometimes it’s freakin hard and you just want to talk it through.

To create more space for richer and more personal shared learning OFN is launching a programme of remote Group Coaching for food hubs in the network. Our Group Coaching is based on the brilliant technique of Action Learning Sets. If you’ve never heard of this methodology this quick video from the School for Social Entrepreneurs (of which our CEO Lynne Davis is a Fellow) gives the basics.

Managers of 4 food hubs will come together for an online session with a facilitator every 4-6 weeks. You’ll bring a challenge that you are currently experiencing – something that you are struggling to solve by yourself. Other members of the action learning set will ask you questions and help you to find the answers. Every person will have a chance to share their problem and be coached by the group.

Each set will last for about 2.5 hours including breaks and we’ll organise them far in advance to ensure we find suitable days for everyone. Given that the OFN community is so packed with experts in local food systems this is a chance to receive expert and personal coaching. And it is completely free.

If you would be interested in being part of an Group Coaching group please get in touch and we’ll match you up with a great group.