Molly Scott Cato – OFN Ambassador

We’re thrilled to welcome Molly Scott Cato, former Green Party MEP for the South West, as an OFN Ambassador. She’s always been an advocate of green economics and localism so having her on board is pleasure for us!

Here’s her comment on OFN: “We have long known that local food makes sense from an environmental point of view, but the global pandemic has also made us acutely aware of how vulnerable our global food supply chains are. So it is really wonderful to have the Open Food Network cutting out the middleman and connecting us up with local producers. This gives us resilience and also connects us to the source of the food we need to live and flourish.”

“I’ve also sat on the European Parliament’s Agriculture Committee for five years, and seen how the global food and farming system is dominated by agribusiness and supermarkets. This has led to food waste, food poverty, and a bad deal for farmers as well as some spectacular food scandals. When it comes to good high-quality food with strong links between farmers and eaters, local is always best!”

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