Reducing plastic waste

Following requests from several OFN users we are very pleased to announce that all producers and shopfronts now have access to a new product ‘property’ called ‘plastic-free’. Details of how to assign properties are in the user guide here.

Please all use this on any products which are free of plastic packaging and encourage your shoppers to filter by this new property so that we can all move towards using less plastic on our food.

This new filter will also be a good way to attract more environmentally-aware shoppers to your shopfronts. Once we have a few shopfronts using the filter we will promote this through OFN social media.

Several shopfronts are now using the filter and receiving very positive feedback from their shoppers.

This is backed up by a recent article in ‘The Grocer’ reporting a survey which found that “plastic-free supermarket aisles would be backed by 91% of shoppers”. OFN is ahead of the game!

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