Welcome to a faster, more efficient OFN!

Over the years we’ve been running OFN we’ve been working tirelessly to build the tools that food enterprises need to succeed. With our tiny, part time development team working remotely in the UK, Australia, Catalonia, Portugal, Philippines and France and people running food enterprises in (in alphabetical order) Argentina, Australia, Catalonia, Canada, England, France, Germany, Portugal, Scotland, South Africa, USA and Wales we’re working together to build common infrastructure to power our food sovereignty!

For much of this time we’ve focussed on features like subscriptions, product import. We’ve worked to integrate accounting systems to save food enterprises time and make managing the numbers easier. We integrated Mailchimp so communities can stay connected more easily.

But the time came for us to spend some time focussing on some of the underlying infrastructure. We needed to make major upgrades to the performance of OFN and the underlying systems that mean that OFN is secure and resilient. This has taken a huge effort from the OFN team over the past year, meaning that we’ve delivered less features than we would have liked. But we can now start to reap the rewards:

We’ve also put some key efforts into the user experience. The menu bar is now a better experience on mobile. Carts now save for later when a user logs out. A huge number of smaller, annoying things have been updated.

And we’ve made major upgrades to security. We’ve upgraded to state of the art web security that make our servers less vulnerable to attacks.

We’re very proud of this huge release that represents an enormous effort from our developers around the world!

Aaaannnnnnd we’re very excited of what we’ve got coming up next:

  • Improvements to make shopping on mobile and tablet a joy
  • More integrations for payments and stock management
  • Internal credit system for OFN, so shoppers have more control over their credit