We’re making a podcast!

OFN UK have received a wee amount of money to make a podcast. This is shaking-in-our-boots exciting! For some of us that are part of OFN UK, podcasts are our all-time favourite media. You might say we’re podcast addicts. And as such we’re going to strive to make our podcast great!

We want to make a podcast that delves deep into some of the incredible local food projects we find across the country. We want to ask (and start to answer) the tricky questions. We want to talk about money, funding, conflicts, success, burnout, losing customers… the works. We want to understand the roller coaster that it takes to build a local food enterprise that works.

Our goal is to share the ways of thinking that have helped fledgling projects become successful enterprises. And how to keep on trying when fledgling enterprises fail.

Most of all we want to make a podcast that would be useful to you.
We want to make a podcast that you want to listen to.

To do this we need your help. Would you take 2 minutes to fill in the following form and let us know what you’d like to hear about from local food distribution projects across the country? If you want to tell YOUR story in the podcast, let us know that too 😉