Win a Marketing Support Package for your Shop!

At the Open Food Network, our primary mission is to help food enterprises to thrive! So we’re offering two of our food enterprises the chance to WIN bespoke marketing support to help promote and build your enterprise in the lead up to Christmas and beyond.

Two winning food enterprises will receive:

  • 4 x 2 hour sessions of marketing training, consultancy and support
  • 2 days paid time for a designer to create professional flyers, graphics and digital assets
  • £100 in vouchers for your enterprise that you can use as part of your marketing

At OFN we’ve long thought how amazing it would be if smaller businesses working to build food sovereignty could achieve even part of the marketing power of the big players in food retail. Okay so we’re no where close… but the long journey requires many small steps!

Beyond providing a support package to two food enterprises, this competition aims to help OFN take our support to food enterprises to a new level. We are also researching how food enterprises working toward food sovereignty currently market themselves. We want to understand what you do already and how you do it. We want to try out some new things and see what works. We want to build our knowledge so that we can help future food enterprises to build effective marketing from the start.

Enter the competition and help food enterprises everywhere!

The winners will be working with our friend and expert marketing consultant Kayleigh Reed.
Kay is a freelance marketing consultant with over 10 years experience in marketing, advertising and sales. Kay has worked with big publishers & small agencies such as Immediate Media & Sift Media, non-profits including Julian House homeless charity, and food businesses both big and small. Most recently Kay worked as International Brand Manager at Pukka Herbs. Kay is passionate about healthy, locally appropriate & sustainable food for all, and spends her time working with food producers and food sovereignty projects around the Bristol area.

To enter, just fill in this survey by 15th September.

A wee word of warning – It is quite long, and we expect it’ll take you 20 minutes to complete. But the survey itself is part of our research and will help inform the work we do to help food enterprises market themselves into the future. So we really appreciate you taking the time!