Coronavirus Pandemic: Resources for your Food Enterprise

We are supporting businesses to safely supply their local community during the pandemic and beyond.

Table of Contents


  • OFN UK enterprises share their experiences of the pandemic March-Oct 2020 in this Video webinar.  Hear from Merica Food Hub, Locavore Grocery, StroudCo and Helston Local Food. (75 min)
  • How to Survive and Thrive during Lock Down: A webinar in which the OFN team share tips and resources on how your food enterprise can cater for the needs of the local community during the COVID pandemic. (44 min)
  • Latest Government Advice for individuals and businesses.
  • Government Advice specific to food business during the pandemic.
  • How to make your workplace COVID-secure.

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Adapting your Food Hub

  • Click and Collect timeslots to manage social distancing. Contact the OFN support team if you would like us to send unique time collection slots to your customers.
  • Priority shopper listscontact the OFN team if you would like us to compile a list of your most frequent customers.
  • Early shopping ‘hours’ for elderly & vulnerable customers. Read how to here.
  • Priority delivery for those who are self isolating. Read how to here.
  • Taking orders over the phone from those who struggle to use the internet.  A phone call could really make the difference to someone’s day if they are feeling lonely. Watch how to here.
  • Offer customers a subscription for their regular food items. Read how to here.

IMPORTANT: if you are delivering to vulnerable customers, make sure drivers and couriers adhere strictly to Covid guidance – see government guidance and these tips from OFN users.