Lynne Davis

CEO & Product Manager
Lynne has a background in software, regenerative agriculture and food system policy. Following a career in software engineering in commercial and research sectors Lynne made building global food sovereignty her purpose and passion. She trained in biodynamic agriculture and has worked on a number of commercial livestock and vegetable holdings. She is the founder member and former manager of Dean Forest Food Hub – 2016 Finalist for the BBC Food and Farming Awards. She founded Street Goat in Bristol. Lynne has worked on agricultural policy with the Landworker’s Alliance, La Via Campesina and the RSA Food, Farming and Countryside Commission. She is on the board of the Ecological Land Cooperative. Lynne has a BE in Software Engineering and an MSc in Agricultural Economics.

Nick Weir

Community Facilitator
Nick Weir has worked with community food enterprises since 2001.  He is a founder of Stroudco Food Hub and Stroud Community Agriculture before helping to start OFN UK. He spent 3 years coordinating an international collaboration of online food hubs to find the best solution to their software needs. His background is in IT account management (supporting users to take on and adapt new software) and marketing.  Nick works as a client-centred facilitator with development agencies and other support organisations to develop community resilience.  He also supports new community projects from first steps through initial teething problems to self-sufficiency. His main focus is on planning, collaboration, community building and conflict management.

Jo da Silva

Support Team

Jo joined the Open Food Network UK Support team in April 2020 initially as a volunteer. She helped community food enterprises register with, and start up on, OFN when the Covid-19 crisis hit and their normal retail outlets (markets and shops) were closed. 
Jo has spent 15 years working in the digital sector; being part of various and wide-ranging marketing, campaigning and web build projects.. Before joining the OFN, Jo led the Digital Innovation team at the Lush Cosmetics global headquarters. She is passionate about how technology can play an integral role in building a sustainable future for us and our planet, as well as helping as many people as possible have access to local, quality food.  

Joe MacCrohon

Support Team

Joe has a background in food poverty research having volunteered for Good Food Oxford as a food poverty intern and has also been a research intern for the Permaculture Association. Joe has also presented papers at academic conferences on the topic of urban agroforestry and food poverty and has an interest in permaculture, agroecology and is a board member of the National Forest Gardening Scheme.
Joe has a degree in Biological Sciences from the University of East Anglia and a Master’s in Agroecology and Food Security from Coventry University.

Louise Wright

Support Team

Louise has been involved with OFN since July 2017, initially helping West Midlands Country Markets set up online. In October 2018, Louise joined the OFN UK support team, managing incoming cases from mid 2019 til June 2020.
Louise has a background in scientific computing, having completed a PhD in Computational Chemistry in 2014.  From 2016-2019 she was an active member of Bentley Heath Country Market, promoting the market’s presence in the local community and online.  From Sept 2018 til Aug 2020 she worked part time for Henley Chocolates and The Chocolate Shed, small businesses in the heart of rural Warwickshire producing handmade chocolates from sustainable ingredients and hosting chocolate-making events. Louise is passionate about helping small business, teaching others how to get the best out of soft ware and problem solving.

Cobi-Jane Akinrele

Support Team

Cobi is the founder of a small social enterprise connecting smallholder farmers in North-East Nigeria with markets. For Cobi, global food equity can only be achieved by first addressing the fractures in smallholder-dependent value chains. Cobi has a degree in Human, Social, and Political Sciences and an MPhil in African Studies from the University of Cambridge.  While working at the Open Food Network UK, Cobi hopes to learn how technology can empower farmers in decentralised food systems. In her spare time, Cobi is learning Python and R. She hopes to put these programming languages to good use in her quest for food justice for all.

Kayleigh Reed

Food Hub Marketing Lead

Kayleigh Reed is a sustainable food marketing strategist with over ten years experience working with a wide variety of successful food businesses, publishers and not for profit organisations, including Pukka Herbs, Immediate Media (BBC magazines) and most recently, The Open Food Network. Through her work with the OFN, Kay has acquired an expert understanding of which marketing techniques are most effective in supporting food enterprises to market. 
Kay finds fulfilment by using her marketing skills to help food producers and ethical organisations to thrive and do good. Passionate about healthy & sustainable food for all, Kay can also be found both volunteering and consulting with food enterprises, activists and educators.

Francesca Monticone

Digital Communication Lead

Francesca joined OFN UK to manage social media channels and write the monthly newsletter. After a BSc in Gastronomic Sciences, Francesca worked for Slow Food Italy as a Press Officer. Being interested in the socio-economic and legal aspects of the food sector, Francesca completed a MSc in Food Policy at City University, with a dissertation on the controversy over food dumping. In 2018 she worked for the RSA Food Farming and Countryside Commission managing social media accounts and webpages, as well undertaking one week of field research in Gloucestershire, meeting people working in the food sector on behalf of the Commission. More recently, Francesca shifted to a more research-focused role working for Eating Better. There she defined the scope of the Better By Half campaign by undertaking background research and writing a briefing paper on the topic of reduction of meat and dairy consumption.