We want good food to reach people, and we think the internet can help that happen.

We want to make it easy, so that communities and food producers can get on doing what they do best!

The OFN Software Platform

Our open source software platform offers features to support a wide range of food enterprises, from food hubs, to farmers markets to farmers. Designed by people running food enterprises, for people running food enterprises. The platform enables aggregation of any number of food producers under a single shopfront, and helps producers connect with new enterprises through which they can sell their produce. Find out more.

Learning Community

Through webinars, gatherings, learning exchanges and our forum the OFN community inspires each other to build projects for food sovereignty.

Bespoke Solutions

Our geeks and gurus can create software solutions and integrations to solve a huge range of problems, tailored for food hubs, farmers, growers and communities.


Through our consultancy offering we partner with researchers, NGOs and local government to help transform food systems regionally, nationally and internationally.


Sometimes it helps to have a critical friend at the end of the phone. Someone who understands how hard it is and can help you untangle your thoughts. Professional mentoring and mentor matching.