An Online Shopfront

Basic Plan
Sell your produce, and link with other producers to sell theirs too. Connect with local producers in your area and start a food hub. Create an online offering for a farmers market and offer home deliveries. Automate the payments process of a CSA. Set up regular subscription orders, and let customers top up their order with the extra bits they need. Start a buying group to order in bulk from a wholesaler with your friends and neighbours.

Your Business, Your Branding

Starter Plan
Brand your shopfront with your logo, social media links, banner image and contact information. Embed your shopfront within your own website so that you can tell your story your way. Regional and marketing groups can display a map, a directory and create a shopfront for each of your members and embed this within your existing website. Food hubs and enterprises can include a straight forward shop and checkout within their website.

Coordinate Your Customers

Basic Plan
Coordinate any number of suppliers under one platform. Create customer segments to enable different prices and product sets to be visible to different customers: retail and wholesale - members and volunteers - free delivery range. Simplify the admin of complex local and regional food logistics through automation and back office rules. Understand your customers and mould your offering to their needs.

Integrate and Grow

Scale Plan
Using an accounting system and want to automatically sync your sales? Sending newsletters and want to invite new shoppers automatically? Want to track your time better and the time of your team? Want to offer products point of sale when customers collect their pre-orders? OFN links with a huge range of tools that can make it easier to reduce your admin and meet your customers' never-ending requests.

Monitor your Enterprise

Scale Plan
Better information can help you to plan ahead, improve your offering and understand your customers needs. We can work with you to create a custom set of business metrics that are recorded automatically each week. We offer tools to make it easy to find out what your customers are thinking, and what kind of messaging most appeals to them. And then can help you spot when people start ordering, why they continue and why they stop.

Admin Free Food Hub

Community Plan
We'll take care of all of your payments, invoices and accounts. You'll simply receive a percentage of every sale through your hub, a percentage set by you. This leaves you with time to do the things you do best - sending newsletters, running community days and visiting producers. This is the ideal option for Food Assembly hosts that don't want to pick up the extra tasks when they switch to a new platform.