The Open Food Network platform is open-source, meaning that anyone can access and contribute to the source code, or building blocks, of the platform.

We release updates to the platform every week, which you can follow on our Github page, and have a range of useful features to help get your food enterprise up and running.

You can find out plenty about the platform’s features in our quick start guides and find a rundown of our top features below.


Create subscriptions for your customers that are automatically processed at defined intervals, saving you and your customers time.


Run our built-in reports to help you manage your orders, create packing lists and keep on top of your enterprise’s finances.


Create custom voucher codes to entice new customers or offer rewards to your volunteers. Assign a fixed amount or percentage discount.

Group Bulk Buying

Are you a buying group who orders products in bulk and resells in smaller amounts? Our bulk buy feature allows customers to order a minimum and maximum amount of a product, making it easy for you to reach minimum order discounts and achieve bulk buying efficiencies.

Getting started on OFN

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