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Our packages


 Sales: £0 – £500/ month


(with the option to become a member of our cooperative)


Sales: £501 – £6000/ month

2.4 %

(2.0% excl. VAT)


Sales: more than £6001/ month

£90 + 0.9 %

(£75 + 0.75% excl. VAT)


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We support all food enterprises, however big or small

That’s why access to the same range of features is standard to all four packages.

Included for all:

    • An e-commerce shopfront designed for community food enterprises
    • Unlimited products and suppliers
    • Your logos, branding and community
    • Flexible payments, shipping and ordering options including subscriptions
    • Peer support: Join our Signal group, Facebook Group
    • Free access to our comprehensive user guide and our support team are on hand to help, just email 

What happens next?

Open your shop and start trading for free.

You’ll be invoiced only after you trade over £500 in a month

Your package will be dynamically adjusted to the best value according to your sales

Solidarity supporter

Join our cooperative and help build our global movement with a monthly donation.

Enhanced support

Would you like some 1-2-1 help to set up your food hub or implement a new feature?

One-off payment


(£200 excl. VAT)

1-2-1 Support

What’s included:

    • 1-2-1 support to open your shop
    • 1 month/6 weeks of direct email support
    • Up to 3 screen shares
    • Product and producer upload 


We can help you connect OFN with other software packages and/or automate some
of your weekly chores to save time.

Standard integrations include:

    • Shopper newsletter sign up (Mailchimp, Mailerlite…)
    • Supplier email notifications (including customer name for packing)
    • Notification when you have reached a threshold number of orders
    • Allocating collection timeslots to your shoppers
    • Link OFN to your accountancy package (Quickbooks, Xero…)
    • Monthly traffic stats to help better understand your shoppers

† One off charge applicable whenever there is a significant change to your integration.

Setup cost †


(£50 excl. VAT)


Is there something else we can help you with? Contact us for a custom quote.

Secure and trusted.

Open Food Network uses SSL encryption (2048 bit RSA) everywhere to keep your shopping and payment information private. Our servers do not store your credit card details and payments are processed by PCI-compliant services.