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Explore our resources hub for everything you may need to manage a community food enterprise in the UK. From setting up on the Open Food Network platform to marketing advice and more – we’ve got you covered!

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Case studies

Be inspired by other food enterprises using the Open Food Network platform.

Public Procurement

The Open Food Network has been working with local authorities to procure locally sourced food from growers in their area. 

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in the Open Food Network user guide
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Marketing tips & resources

Comprehensive marketing advice for community food enterprises.

How to build amazing customer relationships

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Simple ways to design & schedule social media posts for free

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A 3 step guide to improve your social media marketing

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How to immediately improve your food enterprise’s email marketing

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Getting started on OFN

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Legal & regulation

The legal responsibilities of your community food enterprise and how to find help.

Food standards

Food labeling, allergens and legal requirements for food retailers.

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Alcohol licencing

Licencing law and regulations around selling alcohol.

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Business models

Eight Food Hubs on the OFN UK platform explain more about their business models.

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Food equality

How community food enterprises work towards food equality.

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Hints & tips

in the Open Food Network user guide
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Finance & accounting

From day-to-day book keeping to how to raise funds for your community food enterprise.


Advice and expert tips for hosting a crowdfunding campaign from in partnership with OFN.

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More advice on handling VAT for food enterprises coming soon. In the meantime this document may be helpful.

Managing Stripe & payment methods

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