Food Data Collaboration

Food Data Collaboration - Building data interoperability for sustainable food systems

The Food Data Collaboration project is building on the work of the Data Food Consortium in France, aiming to create a data interoperability infrastructure that empowers local producers to list and sell their produce across multiple platforms seamlessly. Together we are working to nurture diversity at scale, fostering collaboration over competition to support farmer-focussed, community-led food systems.

Funded by The National Lottery Community Fund from March 2022, OFN UK and fellow technical partners (including the likes of Big Barn, Ooooby and Hodmedod’s) aim to make good, sustainable and affordable food a possibility for all through collaboration of digital platforms in the community food sector. A dedicated governance circle includes representatives from the Better Food Traders, the Landworkers’ Alliance, Sustain, Shillingford Organics and the Apricot Centre, developing a commons-based approach drawing on the work of Elinor Ostrom.

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