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Business Model: Blog Sole of Discretion

In this series of blogs, Lynne Davis, CEO of the Open Food Network, describes the business models of some of the food hubs and producers in their community. Here, in the third blog of the series, she introduces Sole of Discretion. Sole of Discretion is a radically...

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OFN Platform updates

Development Explained! The Open Food Network is a platform cooperative - a software platform running with cooperative principles. Our goal has always been that the community of food enterprises using the Open Food Network are co-owners, designers and creators of...

The Open Food Network team goes to Hereford
The Open Food Network team goes to Hereford

Let’s try to picture the mycelium, billions of intricate connections building nature’s very own communication network. This, for us, is what we see the Open Food Network becoming. A network that connects people to each other to help build inter-connected communities.

As a fully remote team, connecting online can be easy with all the technology at our disposal. But connecting on a deeper level is harder, the same way it is harder for each of us individually to relate to each other and ourselves when we spend a lot of our time behind a screen.