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5 things you might not know OFN can do…

1. Print all your invoices in one click. This brand new feature is a huge time saver. Instead of clicking through each customer one by one, you can simply select all of the invoices for an order cycle or date range and generate a single PDF that includes them all....


Open Invitation to all Food Assemblies!

Today Food Assembly announced that it will be ceasing UK trading in September. Since 2014 The Food Assembly have been supporting individuals to become food activists, supporting producers to sell locally, and supporting shoppers to know the people that produce...


How to decentralise our food system

Most of our food is sold through a handful a supermarket chains that operate the same business model, a centralised model that aggregates all products under one roof. Can decentralised aggregation shift power away from supermarkets? Touring the country, it is...

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What is the Open Food Network?

Using software and technology to pioneer ideas in building networks, cooperatives and community driven food enterprise, the Open Food Network is growing as an international community. An international community fundamentally working to address very local problems....

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George Monbiot – OFN Ambassador

George Monbiot says “For years I have been writing about the need for a fairer, more sustainable food distribution system.  It appears that we now have it.  The online, open source, not-for-profit Open Food Network is owned and controlled by the people...


Rob Hopkins – OFN Ambassador

Rob Hopkins has been following the progress of OFN since April 2014. In his words “there is a lot of potential for building the resilience of local food economies through internet-based, community-led food hubs – all of which is very close the aims of the...


Mary Clear – OFN Ambassador

Mary Clear, Chair of Incredible Edible Todmorden says “The Open Food Network is not only a great way to get local food to local people.  It is also the only open source online food distribution system.   It is really important that as we are building...


Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall – OFN Ambassador

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall says “any initiative that fosters local food economies, and makes it easier for us all to buy low-impact, seasonal ingredients, gets my vote. I think the Open Food Network is a very exciting project, offering a positive, sustainable...


Maresa Bossano – OFN Ambassador

Maresa Bossano has more experience in local food than most. “I set up and ran a local, organic, vegan cafe. I worked for Sustain for five years, managing the Food Co-ops project. I was a Five-a-Day Co-ordinator for a Primary Care Trust. I set up a Farmers’ Market...

The Open Food Network team goes to Hereford
The Open Food Network team goes to Hereford

Let’s try to picture the mycelium, billions of intricate connections building nature’s very own communication network. This, for us, is what we see the Open Food Network becoming. A network that connects people to each other to help build inter-connected communities.

As a fully remote team, connecting online can be easy with all the technology at our disposal. But connecting on a deeper level is harder, the same way it is harder for each of us individually to relate to each other and ourselves when we spend a lot of our time behind a screen.

Celebrating the seasonal cycles: between autumn and winter
Celebrating the seasonal cycles: between autumn and winter

Can you feel the air getting crisper? We have entered the darker half of the year at Equinox. All the harvests are in and nature is preparing for shorter and colder days. The trees are starting to put on their beautiful red-toned apparel and the animals are starting to hoard food. For us, it is also time to prepare, to reflect on our harvests. We may be feeling a bit of melancholia and nostalgia, but don't worry October is also the month of the fire festival, Samhain… So let's talk about it.